Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Naughty Michele Bachmann!

The Congresswoman is under investigation!
by Charlie Leck

As you might imagine, I will keep a close eye on the news that congressional ethics investigators are looking into allegations against Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. (You can find stories about this investigation on news sources all across the Internet. Just google search it and your there.)

Oh, my!

What can I say? None of us wishes the congresswoman any ill; however, let the truth be known. Did the congresswoman fib a little here or there? Oh, no! That would be impossible!

Naturally, Ms. Bachmann is saying that the investigation originates and is motivated by her political adversaries – mainly the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The Congresswoman’s staffers spoke out and said: “They are willing to do or say anything in an attempt to defeat her in 2014.”

I need to tell myself not to get too excited. Congressional members rarely do anything to stain the reputations of their members – whichever party they might belong to. It’s part of the collegiality of the organization – better known as “protect your ass.”

I’m sure this investigation will go nowhere. Bachmann will remain alive and well and screaming out against the liberal attack on the Constitution of the United State of America.

At worst, she’ll have her fingers slapped. Nothing serious will come from any of this; however, it is another sign of the character of the woman – a congressional representative who is remindful of the fellows that Louisiana or Mississippi used to send to Washington.

The woman from the 6th district is not really representative of Minnesota and, therefore, we ought to throw her out and suggest that she and her husband go to more friendly territory (perhaps, in Jackson, Mississippi) where her shoot-from-the-hip style and her bombastic language is more acceptable.

Our local newspaper, the StarTribune, carried a front page story about the investigation this morning. It was written by Kevin Diaz.

The investigation is being conducted on behalf of the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE). The office is made up of equal numbers of Republican and Democrats. A former and highly regarded Minnesota Congressman, Bill Frenzel, is on the panel. Frenzel is a Republican. Investigation proceed only if two members of the panel request it and they must be from different parties.

There is definitely some smoke here. We’ll have to wait and see if there is really any fire.

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