Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ryan Proposes Same-Old Same-Old

There is still no softening in Washington. The Republicans and the Democrats still can’t move toward a compromise. The Republican Party is in a deep rut from which it can not extricate itself. Republicans refuse to recognize that the Democrats are bound by a nearly sacred promise to protect the middle class and those without voice.
by Charlie Leck

Read, if you will, the editorial in yesterday’s (13 May 2013) NY Times, called The Worst of the Ryan Budgets. It’s quite important and it is very helpful in understanding what poor, worn-out and tired ideas the Republican Party is try to foist upon the nation in order to protect its very wealthy constituency

Really, it’s just more of the same-old-same-old and it will hurt the poor, the elderly and the general middle class.

If you want to understand what a group of stubborn old conservatives are trying to sell us, read this extremely well-written editorial.

The stock market’s Dow Jones rose to 14,450 yesterday. This is a nation ready to go – an economy fine-tuned and prepared to create huge numbers of new jobs. The Republicans are diddling and daddling, determined to buck a President they don’t want to get credit for anything. Why? That’s a dangerous question! A lot of people don’t want to suggest the possible answer! The Republicans are still determined to have President Obama seen as a failure! They are willing to hurt the nation and its people in order to achieve this goal.

It’s one of the saddest things I’ve seen in politics in all my days!


[UPDATE: 15 March 2013] In an interview with Mr. George Stephanopoulis, the President said: “You know — I think whatever I’m for, it’s very hard for a Republican to also be for. I think they always have to be a little bit — you know, maintain some distance.”

The operative portion of the President’s comment lies in the two simple words “you know.” For, in truth, we do not know. We can only guess and surmise. There is some extraordinary reason why the Republic movement is continually a movement “against Obama.” And we ask ourselves again and again: “Why do Republicans so thoroughly want the President to fail?” Why?


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1 comment:

  1. Why do they want the President to fail? Because his policies and Bush's have led to an unimaginable amount of debt!! And increasing spending is not the way to get out of debt.

    It is near to impossible to beat the party that gives out free money, so who knows if we will ever get on the right track. But look at the indicators for cpi, they have to manipulate the basket in some amazing ways to try and pretend inflation isn't an issue.

    You seem like a nice guy, how do you think taxing the rich more will fix anything when the entitlement beast is uncontrolled??

    You quoted Edith Hamilton before, you should definitely check out Echo of Greece for some insight in this matter