Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The 50th Reunion

Dick Cavett in the Zone!
by Charlie Leck

My regular readers know that one of my favorite blogs, and one which I read with great regularity, is Dick Cavett's Talk Show. Sometimes it is wonderful and sometimes it is "out of sight." This week's offering is in the latter category! Don't miss it. Cavett, as he wrote this one, was "in the zone" and flying high.

It's an extraordinary story about his 50th reunion at Yale – and past beauties who had dimmed and sorry lookers who had become beautiful – and guys who weren't around – at all – anymore and the quickly clicking stop watch that's been placed on each of us.

My 50th high school reunion will be held this year. I decided some time ago that there was no way I would attend. I wrote considerably about it here. Then I changed my mind and realized there were a few people I had to see and chat with again about those olden, golden days. Then they scheduled the event for Thanksgiving weekend and I realized it would be impossible to travel east at that time. It's a big, traditional weekend here at our home and it's "a jag" my wife and I refuse to give up.

Back to Cavett. Those of you over 60 in years should be sure to read this one. It is extraordinary and you may find it meaningful!

And, you'll get to deal with words like "febrile."

"There were many classy-looking wives at the reunion, some of them second, third... and at least one fourth. (If at first, eh?)"

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