Tuesday, June 10, 2008

John Paul Caponigro

A blog for photographers!
by Charlie Leck

This particular blog departs from politics and the biographical memoir and concentrates on another of my significant interests – photography! If that's a subject that doesn't interest you, come back soon.

My intention here is to recommend a very significant blog to those of you who enjoy photography. It's a serious blog, called Illuminating Creativity, by John Paul Caponigro and I promise you that an enormous amount of information will be provided and posts are almost daily. There's a great deal of significant comment added by Caponigro's very talented readers.

"John Paul Caponigro, author of Adobe Photoshop Master Class and the DVD series R/Evolution, is an internationally renowned artist. A contributing editor for Digital Photo Pro and Camera Arts and a columnist for Photoshop User and apple.com, he teaches workshops both privately in his studio and at select public venues. A member of the Photoshop Hall of Fame, a Canon Explorer of Light, and an Epson Stylus Pro, his clients include Adobe, Apple, Kodak, and X-Rite. Learn more by visiting www.johnpaulcaponigro.com and get over 100 free downloads plus a free subscription to his enews Insights." [quote source]

Caponigro's links are alone worth the effort of going to the blog. He'll send you off to all kinds of fun, interesting and helpful places. Then check out the free downloads you can get that will be very helpful to your photography work.

If your photographic activities are important to you, get to know Caponigro!

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