Friday, June 27, 2008

Right to Life

The Supreme Court Decides on Right to Life for Rapist
by Charlie Leck

I do not favor capital punishment in any case or as the consequence of any act. It is a simple matter! We haven't the right! It is a decision no person should make about another person.

Ross Douthat put me on to an extraordinary blog by Noah Millman called We All Deserve to Die. It's an extraordinary discussion of the justifications for the death penalty. If it's a question you are interested in, go to it.

I wonder if we ever collectively think, as a nation, that perhaps other nations are on to something when they resist the death penalty. So many of them do, you know. [see list] Nearly all of Europe has abolished capital punishment. So has Canada, Mexico, Australia and most of South America. China and Japan still use the tool.

I also wonder where all the "right to lifers" stand on the question of capital punishment.

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