Friday, July 25, 2008

I Support the Troops

Who supports the troops? I do, so why doesn’t George W. Bush and his administration?
by Charlie Leck

I hate the War in Iraq! I hated it from day-zero and I hate it now. It was born in America on a wave of lies and a political strategy of deception. The American people, trusting their government, gave their consent. Had they known the truth they would never have allowed this gruesome tragedy.

Yet, hate the war as I do, I support the American troops with all my heart and every fiber of my being. Too bad George W. Bush doesn’t support the troops with all his might. If he did, he would do something about the sorry state of care that wounded and injured veterans are receiving here at home.

Pay attention to the testimony before a hearing of the House Armed Service Committee, which is trying to get to the bottom of the story about the failures of the Army Medical Action Plan. As the NY Times, put it in an editorial: “That’s the plan to prevent the kind of systematic neglect and mistreatment exposed by The Washington Post last year at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.”

The Army made significant and praise-worthy promises in the aftermath of that scandal. Investigation have founded that they aren’t living up to those promises.

Everyone of us – those who have opposed the war and those who have supported it – should be united on this issue! Everyone of us – whether we support the candidacy of Senator John McCain or that of Senator Barack Obama – should be united on this issue.

Those men who have gone to war for America and given their all and come home with serious, and sometimes devastating injuries, deserve the best care that can be provided.

This administration failed to support the troops properly on the battlefield by providing them with inferior protective equipment. This fact is one of the great embarrassments of this war.

Americans everywhere must stand up and tell “all of Washington” that we won’t take from them anything but an absolute guaranty that the American troops will be well cared for when they come home injured or damaged in any manner.

Congress should establish a system that would safeguard that guaranty – a safeguard so strong and secure that no soldier will fall through the cracks.

The cost of the war has been enormous, even staggering, and has torn our economy to shreds; however, the war’s great cost has only just begun. Now comes the expensive part as we try to heal the wounded and damaged troops who come limping home.

So far we have failed miserably in this endeavor. Many troops are far down on the waiting list, trying to get into understaffed medical facilities. The projections are that this number will increase dramatically in the coming months. The testimony before the House has been sad and frightening – and shameful!

Do you support the troops? Do you REALLY support the troops? Liberals, Neo-Cons, Left-Wingers, Right-Wingers, Conservatives and Progressives, make America proud by uniting in this one cause. Tell Washington that the fallen will be honored and the injured will be respected and cared for completely and without exception.

I support the troops! Do you? Tell your Congressmen immediately.

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