Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who is the Real Norm Coleman?

Al Franken wrote some nasty jokes!
Is there anything naughty we should know about Senator Coleman?
Is the press doing its job?
by Charlie Leck

Where is the press on Senator Norm Coleman? Is Minnesota just too Minnesota-Nice? There are rotten, smutty rumors that have been circulating for years about Norm Coleman. Have any reporters ever looked into these things? It certainly was easy for them to hop on the dirty jokes of Al Franken. How about more attention to Coleman?

Is the rumor Garrison Keillor mentioned in 2002 about the Senator true? [Garrison Keillor's 2002 blast at Coleman: Empty Victory for a Hollow Man]

"Norm got a free ride from the press. St. Paul is a small town and anybody who hangs around the St. Paul Grill knows about Norm's habits. Everyone knows that his family situation is, shall we say, very interesting, but nobody bothered to ask about it, least of all the religious people in the Republican Party. They made their peace with hypocrisy long ago. So this false knight made his way as an all-purpose feel-good candidate, standing for vaguely Republican values, supporting the president."

Let's just say I've heard the rumor repeated many times by people who would seem to know – people who know the night scene and the party life of St. Paul.

I'll tell you what! How about a really nice feel-good story about Senator Coleman's family life – you know, the kids and mom and dad, sitting around the fire place reading something like the Bible together, while the family dog rubs up against Norm's leg.

There are thousands of Minnesota readers out here who want to know the Senator better as a family man. What do we get? Nothing! Nothing at all.

What is the extent of Coleman's political/business relationship with Jeff Larson? That's another interesting question. What do we get from the press? Nothing!

The press has looked at Al Franken's early life very carefully. How about a look at Norm Coleman's early life? Norm was big into the leftist life style before he arrived in St. Paul. How about a good story on that? How he met his wife? Where they were married? The kids? What do they like to do together?

All we're asking for is "fair and balanced news." The local papers, owned by massive, profit driven corporations, just don't get it and they don't care to get it! Our only hope is the alternative press.

How about this? No more free rides! Let's get an honest, fair look at the personal and family life of Senator Norm Coleman.

While we wait for the press, here's a couple of fun things to look at…

Read the marvelous 2005 rantings of George Galloway, Member of Parliament (UK) about Norm Coleman. Galloway called Coleman a "lickspittle senator" (whatever that means – I need to look it up).
[the American Heritage Dictionary defines a "lickspittle" as "a fawning underling… a toady" (whatever a toady is)]

Open Congress will show you where Coleman's campaign money is coming from (largest contributors are commercial real estate). The site also reviews the Senator's voting record. You'll discover the voting record has been a complete, unaltered support of the President of the U.S., George W. Bush.

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