Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama's Voice

Read Jim Klobuchar Writes
by Charlie Leck
For years, Jim Klobuchar was my reason for picking up the newspaper. He was a highly acclaimed writer for the Minneapolis Star. Lordsy, what a writer -- funny, sad, tragic, compellling, truthful, searing! He won plenty of awards and deserved them. I was one of his biggest fans.

Retired, he doesn't write much any more. He's such an active man that he's too busy for steady blogging, so he blogs irregularly, but I watch it closely to see when there is a new posting. There's one today, and I urge you to go to it -- To Mobilize America, Can Obama's Voice Recall Kennedy's? I hope you'll to read it. (Just to remind you, Jim is the father of our state's U.S. Senator, Amy Klobuchar.)

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