Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blogging with Grandkids on My Lap

There’s nothing quite so difficult
So you’ll need to forgive me for being AWOL.
by Charlie Leck

I missed 5 days last week – 5 days during which I did not post a blog. It’s the quickest way to lose one’s regular readers and I worried about that. I’m actually trying to find a stand in, to do my blog when I need to go through periods like that.

But, the grandkids were in town. There were lots of things they wanted to do. They know the way into my study and they like being near me.

And how can you resist a kid like this one, when she calls out to you?

Thank the Lord. So, I’ll just have to give up some reading time and some keyboard time. You’d do the same. Just looking at them and seeing how beautiful they are, tears me away from this desk and this computer monitor. The journey to the stars can wait. We’ve got to go over to that lovely Excelsior community park on Lake Minnetonka.

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