Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Republicans Are Coming!

Hide the valuables, Martha!
Batten down the hatches!
by Charlie Leck

America’s slick, icky and tricky party is coming to town. By God, I hope we have something left in the state when they leave. Protect the women and children, Martha, and hide the valuables!
This is the party of Tricky Dick Nixon – the party now symbolized by a Texas cattle branding iron featuring the famous Double-U. This is the party of thugs and bullies – ranging from Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld (with their devious war in Iraq), to Ronald Reagan (and his infamous war in Grenada). These are the guys who would rather mug you than hug you. They made a two bit office complex and hotel in the nation’s capitol famous as the “Watergate.” And now a Nuke-U-Liar President has made the party famous as the ‘put-some-spin on-it-party of the big fat liars.’

This is the party of Karl Rove. And Bob Haldeman. And, Alberto Gonazales. And John Ashcroft. Oh yes, also of Senators Stevens (Alaska) and Craig (Idaho). This is the party of the totally embarrassing Jerome Corsi, who has recently written a swiftboat book about Barack Obama that is filled with downright falsehoods. But, Republicans think lying is okay if it leads to political victory. These are crazy people folks. Their ethical standards are preposterous. Their greed is gargantuan.

This is the party that will nominate JOHN MCCAIN for the Presidency when they are here in town. Did you hear me? This crazy group will nominate John McCain! Is this an insult to us, or what? Watch this video and meet the real John McCain and see how certainly the Republican Party is going to remain the ‘tricky-icky’ party.

You want to hear a description, FROM A REPUBLICAN, of the current Republican Party and how tricky and icky it has gotten. Listen to Ron Paul, a true conservative Republican, describe where the Republican Party has dared to go.

You think that’s crazy? It doesn’t begin to express the craziness – the absolute looniness of this political party. Try listening to McCain’s chart-topping theme song!

You think John McCain shoots straight with the American people? If you do, you’re as crazy as all these crack-pots who are gathering here in a couple weeks. Listen to how unstraight MCain shoots.

Over this past weekend, McCain defined the term ‘rich’ as making 5 million dollar per year. Well, I used to be rich. Now I’m just middle class. [See LA Times story about McCain’s remark.]

To understand just how crazy John McCain is, watch this video where it is very difficult to understand just where he stands. It clearly tells us, early on, that we’ll be in and out of Iraq in no time and now tells us we may need to be there for 100 years. He clearly says he disagrees with the majority of the American people and would not give them a referendum on the issue of the war. I’m not kidding, watch the video.

One thing that is difficult to believe, but if you watch and listen to John McCain carefully you soon learn it is true, is that Senator McCain is goofier than President Bush. Goofier! Here’s the real John McCain. Or, if you want to talk about real craziness, watch this video of McCain’s whirling, dizzying brain. John McCain is not only a little loopy, but he is down-right dangerous. Our worst fears may come true if this man is given the reins of government and the power of the military.

20 August 2008 edit and revision: Turns out this is faked. I apologize. I have removed this link because its not factual and didn't happen that way. Incorrect material is grayed... To see the unaltered footage go to this link:
Here’s the vulgar and thoroughly undistinguished John McCain, talking to a NY Times reporter on one of his campaign flights. This is a young lady, very much like any one of my four daughters, and he is using the ‘F’ word and other obscenities in his conversation with her. There’s no way we want a man with this temper and this mouth in the White House.

Steve Weissman’s extraordinary article in TruthOut argues just how much more dangerous John McCain is than George W. Bush.

These are the loopy people who are coming to our town very shortly for their national convention. They’ll be waving flags and claiming exclusive patriotism. There is nothing more dangerous than a person who believes he is exclusively patriotic!

The New York Times boasted like a Minnesotan about the Twin Cities and laid out suggestions for what delegates might like to do in their spare time. I think these very distinguished journals are going in the wrong direction and barking up the wrong trees.

There’s no doubt that our town has 3 of the finest art museums in the nation – (1) the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, (2) The Walker Art Center, and (3) The Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota. We’ve also got the Guthrie Theater, which is generally considered the finest repertoire theater in the nation, if not in the world. Just be aware, you GOPers, that most of the people involved in these organizations have very liberal leanings and support things like a woman’s right to choose and freedom of sexual preference. Most of them rightfully believe you have booted education in America into the gutter. You may be uncomfortable in those places.

The University of Minnesota stands right between our two major cities. The place is riddled with intellectuals, poets and free-thinkers, however, and you’d be awfully uncomfortable over there.

I could send you to a number of outstanding spots of cultural and historic interest. The University of Minnesota’s Landscape Arboretum is west of Minneapolis and you could spend hours and hours in a delightfully peaceful environment. However, you’ll find squadrons of tree-huggers out there, lazing their days away and you might not want to confront them either.

There are literally hundreds of great ideas for you. For instance, you could spend a Saturday evening at the Fitzgerald Theater, taking in the Prairie Home Companion Show, starring Garrison Keillor; however, he’d probably just make you furious by reminding you to be fair to the down-trodden and unfortunate. Keillor is the author of a number of terrific books, but you’d probably most enjoy Homegrown Democrat.

Here you are! I have a couple of suggestions that are right up your alley – far better than the ones the NY Times gave you. A short ways south of St. Paul there’s a gambling casino called Treasure Island. And, in downtown Minneapolis there are a couple of strip joints along Washington Avenue where you can view nearly naked women to your heart’s content. You won’t be asked to think a drop in either of these places and you can just let your real self hang out.

I’m probably wasting my breath telling you that there is an extraordinary cathedral in St. Paul and another in Minneapolis. Oh well, just in case you need to make an emergency confession you ought to keep them in mind. St. Paul’s Cathedral is right up at the top of the hill overlooking the Xcel Energy Center where you’re having your convention.

Welcome to Minnesota, the home of progressive thinking and basic fairness.

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