Saturday, August 9, 2008

David L. Piper

David L. Piper will make an extraordinary district judge for Hennepin County!
by Charlie Leck

Please, if you live in Hennepin County, you must vote on September 9th in the primary

What a lovely kickoff party last night for David Piper's campaign for a district judge's seat here in Hennepin County. It was so pleasant to see Democrats and Republicans gathered together and totally in agreement on something. There were big names from both parties. They were in agreement that David Piper will make one fine, honest and hard-working judge.

Personally, I've never met a man who more deserves to sit on the bench. He is one of the most balanced people I've ever known. He cares about fairness. He believes in justice – that is, justice for all.

Read about David on his campaign web site!
There you'll find out about how involved he is in his community. It doesn't boast enough about him, however. I'll tell you factually that David is one of the most philanthropic people in our community. He gives money, but he also gives of himself. He loves our community and believes deeply in it. He wants this to be one of the finest places to live in all of America. Having a fair, impartial and top-notch justice system is a part of a community's quest for such quality.

David comes from great breeding lines. His mom and dad were two of the finest, kindness people I've ever know. Moments in the company of his mother, Virginia Piper, were to be treasured as special times. She had a smile that never ended and a laugh that shook the rafters; but she also had a heart as big as the sky. She had an absolute, unshakeable belief in the ability of humanity to do good and just things. When I look at David, I see his mother.

If you want to see something special, go take a look at David's supporters in this mission of his. If you're from Minnesota, it's a list to take your breath away!

If you live and vote in Hennepin County, here's a chance to cast a vote that will be very special.

I'll be bugging everyone I know who lives in Hennepin County to vote for David Piper in the September 9th primary and in the November general election. We need judges like David. This will be one of the most important votes we'll cast.


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