Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is this what they mean by Hemming and Hawing?

"Practice What You Preach"
by Charlie Leck

Another war has broken out! This is no time to be thinking about high school reunions, but I've lately been spending plenty of time with my old graduation yearbook from fifty years ago. One little item may be relevant here, as Russian armies push violently into the small, sovereign nation of Georgia. Freddy Kamm, one of my buddies in high school, wrote something of interest across the space that contained his senior photograph. Knowing that I had mused some about going into the ministry after college, this good friend wrote: "I leave you with a word of advice: Practice what you preach!"

Here and now, fifty years later, I pass it along to President Bush as he tries to figure out what to say to his Russian fishing buddy, Vladamir Putin.

There is a lot of hemming and hawing* going on in the White House as they try to figure out what to say to the Russians and just how to say it. It is difficult for them to castigate the Russians for invading a sovereign nation. How, if you are President Bush, do you tell them that it's an outrageous thing to do? How do you condemn them as international thugs? How do you express deep concern about the bombing and strafing of innocent civilians? How do you tell them to pack up and leave?

Listen carefully as the administration chooses its words.

It appears that the Russians are lying to the world about what they're doing and why they're doing it. Lying, mind you! That ought to be a direct charge that Bush will level against the Russians. Oops! Practice what you preach!

Saying anything more, on my part, would be overkill. And, perhaps, stating the all too obvious!

"Hemming and hawing speaking hesitantly and inarticulately, with numerous pauses and interjections." (Urban Dictionary)

Next: "Goodnight, Janet Philhower!"

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