Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Plea for Help from Georgia

The President of the University of Georgia, in Tbilisi,
writes, asking us to "do what you can to bring this
insanity to an end."

by Charlie Leck

Edward R. Raupp is the Chancellor of the most distinguished university in the nation of Georgia… it may be the only university. He wrote, asking that we do what we can to help.

Geez, Ed, what can I do? I mean "I" with a capital "I." You know, me… little, old me, out here in little rural Minnesota?

I've tried to get hold of Senators and Congressman. They have all kinds of electronic traps that catch me and hold me off.

Ed's message and all his contact information follows… if you have pull… if you can get through to the big-wigs, who should be speaking up about this crap the Russians are pulling, get this message in front of them. Problem is, as I said in my previous blog, our nation sure doesn't have a lot of room to talk.

Dear Family and Friends,
1. I'm OK.
2. I got back to Tbilisi last night on a
Georgian Airlines 737 with 20 pax, including French and US diplomats.
3. Most people from Gori, including my host family, have fled and are staying with
friends and relatives elsewhere in Georgia, Armenia, or Azerbaijan.
4. We should all understand that Georgians are not Russians. Vladimir Putin has no
inhibitions about slaughtering Georgians (or Chechens, for that matter, who also
are not ethnic Russians).
5. What Putin has done is consistent with what Hitler did to "rescue the Sudeten Germans." In the past, Russian soldiers have massacred Czechs, Hungarians, Chechens, and Georgians, among others. It took the world six years to stand up to Hitler. How long will it be before the world says "Enough!" to Putin? 6. Don't worry about me. I've been in worse spots. Rather, do what you can to bring this insanity to an end. The world should never forget -nor should it ever forgive - the Russian Genocide of August 2008.
With love from Georgia,

Dr. Edward R. Raupp, Chancellor
The University of Georgia
77 Kostava Street, V Building
Tbilisi 0175, Georgia (Republic)

Mobile tel. +995 99 19 87 17

site: http://www.ug.edu.ge/
English: http://www.ug.edu.ge/eng/index.php http://edraupp.googlepages.com/home

I'm still dialing, Ed, but everyone seems to have their shields up!

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