Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kudos to One of My Readers

Ted named Sarah Palin on July 27
by Charlie Leck

One of my readers, Ted, posted a comment on my blog on 27 July 2008, naming Sarah Palin as John McCain’s pick for VP without a doubt in his mind. At a time when she was hardly mentioned, Ted pegged her as the choice. I’m impressed and send Ted my kudos and congratulations. Here’s what Ted wrote back then… and remember, this was more than a month before the pick was made:

Ted said...

Here's the likely pick, and it's NOT Pawlenty.


1. Which McCain Veep pick is SIMULTANEOUSLY the safest AND boldest?

ANSWER: Sarah Palin

2. How can McCain SIMULTANEOUSLY attract both Hillary AND Bob Barr voters?

ANSWER: Sarah Palin

* * *

On that, this just in from the Conservative Voice:

'Desperately seeking Sarah
July 26, 2008 10:00 AM EST
By Stephan Andrew Brodhead

Desperately seeking SarahAmericans need a little Palin Power Sarah Palin the current Governor of Alaska is John McCain’s ultimate choice for VP. I do believe a woman is next in line for the presidency. All Conservatives like her. She is popular in Alaska. Hillary supporters would relish her. She would solidify a 12 or possibly 16 year Republican executive.

John McCain’s boring campaign is wearing thin. I need a little Palin Power to get me interested again. They would say ‘but she is only a half term Governor!’

And your point is?'

That’s all I have to say about that!”

Unfortunately, I, in all my wisdom, wrote back to Ted on that same date:
"Thanks, Ted, for the comment. Sarah Palin? She’d be a formidable campaigner. As a friend of mine likes to say: ‘You may be on to something! Or, you may be on something!”


  1. Ted, send me comments any time. I'm impressed. What do you think of Pavid as the V.P. pick? Do you think she'll pull much of Hillary Clinton's support?