Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am Refreshed and Ready for an Obama Presidency

Time to pull together as Americans!
by Charlie Leck

Yesterday, I was pretty much in a daze. I kept wondering why I was so exhausted. Eventually, I figured it out. All of the wound-up, pent-up and bound-up emotions of the last few weeks were released on Tuesday night as I learned the results of the election. My internal system crashed. I couldn’t get enough sleep. I was continually drawn back to the bed. I slept for hour after hour with no stirring or thrashing. I just passed out cold. When I awakened, I was tired. A glass of cold water, a short walk for the dog, and I was ready for more sleep. Essentially, I slept the day away.

This morning I feel reenergized.

I continue to get hate mail from people who dislike our new President-Elect so much. Why didn’t he take care of his homeless aunt? Look how happy Iran is about his election! Look at how worried Israel is!

There is so much unfounded fear in the world. The tragedy is that this hatred will inspire someone crazy, who believes it all, to do something very fearful. It is time for healing. This man will be president to and for and of everyone. He will protect the nation. Relax everyone and give him a chance to put his staff together and to make his appointments. You will see that he is a very deliberative and exacting person. We are in good hands.

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