Friday, November 14, 2008


Striking a rich, keen, provocative or appealing tone!
by Charlie Leck

I like good cartoonists – the bright ones who often have something poignant to say through their art. It’s why I go nearly every day to the laughlines blog in the NY Times. I check in on Doonesbury and then on the work of Tony Auth, Jeff Danziger, Glen McCoy, Pat Oliphant, Ben Sargent and Tom Toles.

The Obama victory proved to be rich ground to mine for the really good cartoonists in the country. I looked at dozens of fine and provocative statements by these artist/commentators. I thought I’d bring you my two favorites. They’re in the heading above. The one on the left recreates in the famous fist dap between Michelle and Barack Obama that caused a bunch of right wingers to shout that it was a terrorist hand signal. Bizarre! The cartoon is by Pat Bagley in the Salt Lake Tribune. Want to see more of his work? Go to his archives!

The cartoon on the right quite speaks for itself – poignantly! It’s by Mike Keefe at the Denver Post. You can see a great deal of Keefe’s work at this site.

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