Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Known Bloggers

There are undiscovered gems in the blogosphere!
by Charlie Leck

The blogosphere is an incredible place. There are so many good writers and thinkers out there and we can find them and follow their writing. I’ve told you often about some of my favorites. Most of them are well known thinkers who have followings in the thousands and hundreds of thousands.

However, a couple of the bloggers I follow have readership only in the hundreds or even less; yet, they are damned good and awfully worth reading.

David Williamson,
who writes in Wales, is one of those. I read him with great consistency. I always find his writing delightful and I like the way his mind thinks – even when I disagree with him.

On the day following Barack Obama’s election to the Presidency, Williamson’s post, Hope Should Be Rewarded, included these words:

“But at 4am yesterday morning a man of Kenyan descent was elected leader of the world’s only hyperpower.“This is a grand and startling disruption in history yet it is not the result of a catastrophe but the manifestation of a revitalised democracy.

“Regardless of whether you support Obama’s individual policies on Iran, climate change or trade, it is a joy to witness this spectacle of politics. It ranks alongside the moon landings as a triumph of human achievement.
“Obama, a rhetorical rocketman, escaped the gravitational powers of condescension, underdog status, latent racism and scepticism. With grace and eloquence he defied doom-mongers and won the trust of millions of Americans who were more than ready to join him in the adventure of transforming their nation.”
Yesterday, his long blog, Dust to Starlight, included these words:

“To imitate God is to learn to learn to see life with [His] gaze of love. How would it transform our lives if we looked at neighbours, families, patients, rivals, the life in a test-tube and animals as God first looked at us?”
A Brand New Blogger
A new blogger is trying her hand at this fascinating activity and, because she wrote to me with a comment, I have discovered her very nascent effort of the blogosphere. So far I’m enjoying what she’s written. Carol Schatz calls her blog, for reasons you’ll discover, Closely Knit. Give her a try and see what you think.

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