Monday, November 10, 2008

Red & Blue Together

The idea sounds sappy, but it is crucial: Our nation will only be great again if red and blue stand together and work together!
by Charlie Leck

I found a strange little web site where young Obama supporters and young McCain supporters are talking to each, through photographs, about rebuilding our nation together, in cooperation and friendliness.

It’s a damned good idea and it should filter down to the older generations and it should teach our political leaders a lesson.

The job ahead is a tough one. It can only be done by cooperating – by understanding that, underneath, we all have one great goal and that is the rebuilding of our extraordinary nation so it can again be a beacon to the world, showing other nations how democracy should really work.

None of it works unless it’s red and blue!
It only works with both 48 and 52!
None of it works without all of you!
Listen my children, do something new!

Rattle the cages of this older crew!
Show the world that each of you
Can stand together, both 48 and 52…
And rebuild the old red, white and blue!

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