Friday, December 5, 2008

A blog to make you think and quake!

Jonathan Erlich’s story of near death in Mumbai
introduced by Sam Stern (Prairie Ponderings)

Sam Stern (Prairie Ponderings) is a very good blogger, but he has outdone himself in this extraordinary blog in which he introduces you to the terrible adventure of Jonathan Erlich. If you care about life, and if you are angered by terrorism, don’t miss this blog.

Read Prairie Ponderings of 3 December 2008: “Que Será, Será Observed.”

You all know how extensively I read the blogs, so when I call this one of the finest blogs I’ve ever read, it may mean something to you. You will feel emotions of anger when you read Erlich’s account of his experience in Mumbai. That account includes the following (don’t read on if you are language sensitive):

“The people who did this have no souls. They have no hearts. They are simply the living manifestation of evil and they only know killing and murder. We – all of us - need to understand that. Their target tonight was first and foremost Americans. Why? Because they fear everything that America stands for. They fear hope and change and freedom and peace. Let's make no mistake; they would have shot me and my children point blank tonight without a moment's hesitation. Most of us sorta know that but sometimes we equivocate. We can't equivocate. Not ever.

I know that I want to go back. Lay some flowers. Wrap my arms around these people. Say thank you. Spend some money on overpriced hotel gifts and tip well. And generally give the bastards who did this the big fuck you and show them that I am not – I repeat not – afraid of them.”

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