Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Day

May the joy of this day fill you with hope!
by Charlie Leck

There is nothing to blog about on this day. It is a day to surround and oneself with, and surrender oneself to, family and love. That is what I fully intend to do.

However, I want to extend my sincere wishes to you all in this season of light and hope, that you will be filled with peace and with the love of God.

Pray without ceasing for our President-Elect. Pray for our nation. Pray for peace over all the world. Pray without ceasing! Let your every breath be a prayer for peace.

Christmas Eve 2008
Some of our Christmas visitors have been
known to ask if this half-circle alcove in
our house was designed for a Christmas tree.
There are 3 levels of windows like the ones
you see here and, when I was younger, we
would bring in a tree that reached nearly to
the top level. Now grandpa has no interest
in decorating such a monster and could not
climb the ladder to do it even if he had the
interest. And, no, the alcove was originally
designed for a Steinway baby grand piano,
which now resides in the home of one of our

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