Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Will there be No Honeymoon?

The left is slamming Obama hard!
by Charlie Leck

It appears there will be no honeymoon period for Barack Obama. Because our President-Elect took up his transition duties with some urgency because of the terrible condition of the nation, his major appointments have already been announced and the left is pouncing on many of them.

They particularly don’t like his choice for Secretary of State or for the Secretary of Defense.

Katrina vanden Huevel, of the Nation, is all over the Gates appointment, calling it a terrible choice [read her comments here].

“Maybe being right about the greatest foreign policy disaster in U.S. history doesn't mean much inside the Beltway? How else to explain that not a single top member of Obama's foreign policy/national security team opposed the war -- or the dubious claims leading up to it?”
Robert Dreyfuss, on, has written that Obama’s key advisors are “in tune with neocon hawks who want to attack Iran.”

There are dozens of other opinions just like this flying around out there in cyberspace.

I guess people are not agreeing with my praise of Obama’s appointment in the blog I wrote two days ago, likening it to Abraham Lincoln’s intentional appointments of rivals who would not completely agree with him.

I think the hard-left has this one wrong. Obama will make key decisions based on his own wisdom after hearing his advisors out. There will be no attack on Iran (unless Iran precipitates it). There will be a withdrawal from Iraq in the next 16 months.

The President-Elect has this damned economy to deal with first. That and Iraq will be highest on his agenda. Hillary Clinton will understand her assignment clearly: Get us out of Iraq!

I stand on my statement of yesterday. These are brilliant appointments who will serve both our new President and the nation well.

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