Monday, December 29, 2008

A Jewish Reader Opines on Israel

What a lot of crap!
by Fred Kamm
A regular reader wrote yesterday. He was pretty upset and sputtering a lot of anger and pessimism; however, after reading his rant over a few times, I decided he was probably right on and his voice deserved amplification.
“Charlie, this crap in Gaza* is really frightening me. There are [a] dozen different horrible outcomes that we could see in the next few weeks. I wish Israel would declare a unilateral peace deal with the Palestinians, [and] help them establish a free state, and encourage an economy there that would sustain them. Without hope for the future, how can a Palestinian kid grow up to be anything but a hate-filled terrorist? The same is true for most of the Far and Middle East. We're helping to raise generations of future enemies – terrorists and soldiers! And when [I] say “we,” I mean the U.S..

“For the last 50 years all we've done is use the Middle East as our pantry, filled with goodies for our appetite and populated by stupid people who are eager to be our servants... and we wonder why they hate us... I hate us and I haven't even had my spirit crushed for decades.

“I'm ashamed of how we treat the third world, and I'm ashamed of being a Jew and part of Israel.

“And now, we sit here waiting for Obama to fix it all... and it ain't gonna happen... we just wasted a trillion on wall street and a trillion in Iraq and we owe China and the Arabs another godzillion... What, tell me Charlie, is Obama going to be able to do?

“We'll be lucky to get through the next month without another 9/11... Yes, I'm a bit pessimistic today, wish I wasn't..."


Ad Astra has provided the following supplementary material to Fred's submission. It may be helpful to you if you are struggling, as we are, with understanding this mess.

*Gaza was one of the ancient gateways to Palestine on the road to Egypt. It lies on the sea, to the southwest of Israel. See the map above or call up more exacting maps on the Internet [see the one at the bottom of this BBC page].

Here's an incredible video showing Israeli bombs falling on Gaza as children are going to school. This is very graphic stuff. Don't look if you are overly sensitive! Strange thing to say!

Here's an account of an Gaza insider (Sami Abdel-Shafiv) describing the hell in which they are currently living.

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