Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Serious Thoughts about Gaza for the New Year

They’re coming to a mall or theater near you!
by Fred Kamm

A few days ago we published some comments by Fred Kamm, a Jew, and a good friend of mine, about the situation in Gaza. Our nation is so pro-Israeli, that it is refreshing to hear some expression of sympathy for the unfortunate, innocent people of Gaza who are being injured, made homeless or killed in the massive Israeli bombings. In Fred’s earlier blog we included some links to maps and background information about Gaza.Here’s a continuation of what Fred has to say.
[Read his earlier comments by clicking here!]
Charlie, 'twas interesting reading my rant, meant for you, in ad astra this morning, but, after rereading it, and making some allowances for my anger, I agree with myself.

First of all we'll be very lucky if this Israeli attack on Gaza doesn't cause a serious terrorist attack on us, here in the United State or on any of our bases or our allies.

Israel now has every Islamic militant (or non-militant for that matter) yelling for the U.S. to stop Israel, and start some real effort to bring meaningful peace to the Palestinians. It can't be done without establishing a state for them, and that state won't work without an economy to support it. The government of the state is the easy part. The economic support isn't. [However,] with U.S. leadership and financial support for the cash heavy oil producers (even with oil at today's low oil prices), an economic free trade zone could be established in the new Palestinian state that could put people to work, feed the nation and give hope and positive options to the generations that are coming.

The alternative is too frightening to consider, but – think about it – how long will it be until the first suicide bomber arrives here? He's coming to a mall or theater near you. She's going shopping at Macy's. They're taking the metro-liner from Boston to D.C..

And, they have Allah behind them. They're doing it for their parents and little brothers that have suffered.

Try to stop them!

Do you think I’m over-reacting? I hope I am. I don't want to be right, but given enough time, [or] given the continuation of hopelessness, [or] given no job, no education, no food, no safe home or future... they're coming! It's all they have!

Yes, I’m still a little pessimistic!


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