Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dick Cavett Asks the Essential Question

He blogs about the Governor of Illinois!
by Charlie Leck

Unless you’ve been hooked on a particular blog or a series of blogs, you don’t know what it’s like when you have to go without them for a while. Dick Cavett’s blog, the Talk Show, is a good case in point. For some reason, he hasn’t written for over two weeks. He must have a wonderful arrangement with the NY Times.

Well, anyway, here this morning was a notice on my computer that one of Cavett’s blogs had been posted (I have a notification service that alerts me when a new blog is posted on any of my favorites.). It might seem I would be disappointed that he writes about the tribulations of the Governor of Illinois, but I wasn’t at all. Cavett has such a unique way of approaching such subjects.

In this case, he raises the essential question: “How did such a specimen ever get elected?”

Now, I’m curious about that interrogative! How did the people of Illinois ever….? How did the Democratic Party of Illinois ever…?

You know, it’s one of those really general, but vital questions. “How could such a muck-up ever get enough votes to become Governor of one of America’s largest states?”
“It’s as if a soldier, tested for his fitness as [a] potential combat leader, passed his physical despite scurvy, pyorrhea, Jake leg, leprosy, the quinsy, contagious influenza and at least two trick knees.” [Dick Cavettt]
Cavett gives us a heavy dose of humor about Blagojevich even though he admits humor is probably quite out of place in this entire matter.

Doctor Willard Gaylin, Cavett’s own former psychiatrist, tried to explain the characteristics of sociopaths to the comedian/writer. Among the primary symptoms of the behavioral aberration is “the absence of guilt or shame.” The sociopath believes he is immune from getting caught – thus Blagojevich’s challenge to “go ahead” and tap his phones...

Truth, according to Doctor Gaylin, is a curious element in the life of the sociopath. Such people don’t deal in truth for its own sake, but only when it serves some “often bizarre purposes of the teller.” Truth and reality get ultimately confused and intertwined in the sociopath’s mind.

The sociopath is not easily spotted. He is a great actor and can spin out complicated plots and charm almost anyone into believing his wildest of tales.

Cavett seems to promise us that there will be more surprises in store for us as we learn more about the Governor.

But, what about this original question? Most of the people I know down there in Illinois appear to be extraordinarily bright. How did they let this happen? Were they charmed out of their sox? (The only appropriate spelling in this case!) It’s what a sociopath can do, even to the best of us.

Don’t miss Cavett’s blog on Blagojevich!


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