Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Calling for a Congressional Investigation of Bush and Cheney

Big Dick Cheney ran an illegal and clandestine CIA operation for President Bush!
by Charlie Leck

Wasn’t it Gomer Pyle who was always screeching out the following?
"Surprise, surprise, surprise!"

Be mindful, Gomer was being sarcastic because he was not surprised at all. And so, with Gomer, I say the same thing this morning about the big Dick Cheney:

"Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!"

Now, please understand that I have tried to remain opposed to the idea of a complete investigation of the previous administration’s participation in activities that involved illegal wiretapping and surveillance and the use of torture methods to get information out of suspected terrorists. Also understand that I am totally opposed to all those activities and find them a violation of the protection afforded citizens of our nation and, therefore, I am opposed to using them against citizens of any nation.

However, my objections to a wide open Congressional investigation of the Bush administration is waning. I think they were naughty boys involved in misplay – perhaps more naughty than I thought they were. And, I think the big Dick Cheney may have been at the heart of it.

Time is up! Let’s have a full scale Congressional investigation of how the Bush boys used the CIA and the military in pursuing terrorists; and let’s find out just how much they violated our rights to privacy by listening in on our conversations and “affairs.” And finally, let’s see how they used torture to get information out of prisoners who seemed prepared to tell their torturers whatever it was those torturers wanted to hear.

Here’s the rub!
Obama has a lot on his plate right now. He is trying with all his might to get bi-partisan participation in some of his legislative efforts. That, of course, will take the cooperation of the Republican Party. Should he give his approval to proposals calling for investigations of the previous administration as I outlined above, he will lose the opposition party completely and get no cooperation from them. It’s a tough call for the President.

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