Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who is against Health Care Reform?

Can you make a good guess? Who is big-time against Health Insurance and Health Care Reform?
by Charlie Leck

Well, let’s see! How good was your guess.

The health care industry is spending $1.4 million per day on its lobbying effort against the Obama program. Yup! You heard me right. I said $1.4 million dollars per day. That means the industry will spend approximately $245 million yet this year.

Now do you understand why a lot of politicians want to delay passage of a health reform bill until next year sometime? They just don’t want the gravy train stopped.

Did you see the numbers that Democracy for America sent out this week? Whew! Here what a handful of U.S. Senators have taken in from insurance companies and the health care industry.

Senator Max Baucus $3,973,485
Senator Evan Bayh $1,565,088
Senator Kent Conrad $2,154,200
Senator Dianne Finestein $1,749,887
Senator John Kerry $8,994,077
Senator Mary Landrieu $1,653,943
Senator Joe Lieberman $3,308,621
Senator Ben Nelson $2,214,715

It will be fun to watch how active the liberal John Kerry is on this Obama effort.

Now, are you doing your part?
Do you support Obama health care reforms? I do. The U.S. lags way behind more than a dozen other nations in the quality of the health care it provides its citizens and it is more costly than more than two dozen other countries.If you support Obama in this and you’re not writing your U.S. Senators and your own U.S. Representative, then you are NOT doing your part. If our Congresspeople are flooded with letters from millions of people, demanding a change in the way we deliver and receive health care in this country, then we’ll see change. Sit back and do nothing and Congress will find it easy to put it off one more time.

What does our Congress care?
Our U.S. Senators and Representatives receive the best health care insurance coverage that can be found anywhere in the U.S.. What do they care? I’m serious about this. Don’t bitch and complain about Congress doing nothing if you do nothing as well. You’ll have no right to complain.

Write letters telling the hot shots to support the Obama effort on this matter. Tell your friends to write letters as well.

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