Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Coleman v. Franken Revisited

A totally excellent piece of journalism in this commentary by Lori Sturdevant!
by Charlie Leck

My only purpose this morning is to point you to a column in the Sunday edition of our local paper. We very much needed someone to wrap up the cluttered U.S. Senate election race our state was forced to endure for the last 8 or 9 month (if you don't count the campaign). Lori Sturdevant, writing in the Newspaper of the Twin Cities, the StarTribune, does just that.
"On big stories -- say the end of an eight-month dispute over the outcome of a U.S. Senate election -- columnists are the journalistic cleanup crew. As a momentous week in Minnesota politics came to a close, I swept up these notes."
Her sweepings make good reading and, if you wish closure to the brutal legal case, I recommend you read these notes she provides.

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