Friday, July 31, 2009

Down with Dobbs

I leave CNN whenever the Lou Dobbs Show comes on and I want thousands and thousands of others to do it, too!
by Charlie Leck

I ain't gonna watch that show no more, no more!
I aint' gonna watch that show no more
I'm sorry to write about this subject on two consecutive days, but I'm really getting burned about the arrogance and conceit of Lou Dobbs. There's a lot I like about CNN, but I'm getting ready to personally boycott the channel until they get rid of Dobbs.

MSNBC is a perfect substitute for me whenever the Lou Dobbs stupidity comes on over at CNN. It's not a difficult change to make. At 6 o'clcok, my time, I just slide on over to MSNBC and I usually end up staying there all evening.

I'm just not going to allow my intelligence to be snubbed and insulted by Lou Dobbs anymore. Dobbs is like a broken record. There's nothing new with this man. He's just a sniveling idiot. He snivels at this and snivels at that.
Dobbs has nothing constructive or positive to offer. He lacks creativity and so he just keeps on singing the same song over and over and over again.

But, it was his latest encouragement of "the birthers" in the nation -- those people claiming President Obama was not born in America -- that has really got me ticked off. Dobbs keeps saying the whole thing would be ended if Obama would just produce his birth certificate. Obama has clearly done that. The certificate is on file and copies have been made available to hundreds of representatives of the press. (See image below!)

Hawaii has destroyed, by legislative order, all of its paper files and provides digital image copies of those old records, including the President's birth certificate. Somehow, "the birthers" consider this some kind of conspiriatorial fraud. Amazing! There are copies of newspaper birth announcements from the time that also announce the birth of Barack Obama. That's still not enough.

Such people are complete whackos and they should not be encouraged. It's crazy that Dobbs would do so.

If you want to speak out against Lou Dobbs and registered your disappointment with CNN, I provided an easy way to do it on my blog yesterday.

The Barack Obama birth certificate as provided by the State of Hawaii.

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