Thursday, July 2, 2009


With the newspapers deteriorating, along comes another top-notch, on-line news source!
by Charlie Leck

Our newspapers are going to hell both in print and in their on-line versions. We have two local papers here in our town and they are both about worthless now -- for a whole bunch of reasons. On top of that list of reasons is that they have let go most of their best columnists and they've also canned some of their best editors. Not only is the current writing suspect, but it is easy to spot the lack of editing in posted stories.

The on-line news service, MinnPost, is a response to this lack of quality news service in Minnesota. As far as I'm concerned MinnPost is doing an excellent job and I highly recommend it. The service is in its infancy and, as long as it can continue to bring in the funds, it will only get better. Those involved with MinnPost are highly committed to producing a high quality product.

Now, along comes another high quality service dedicated to providing us with prompt and high quality reporting of the news; and I highly recommend this new source to you as well. It comes from Minnesota Public Radio: MPRNewsQ. NewsQ has a little sleeker look than MinnPost and a better national base from which to work (National Public Radio) and probably a better financial base. It lacks the strength of columnists and opinion writers that MinnPost has. With both of these services available on-line, however, we are going to get very strong coverage of Minnesota news and events.

There's getting to be less and less reason to subscribe to the very weak local papers.

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