Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Day at the Farmers Markets

Everywhere there are lovely, pretty people, flowers and produce!

When the Season is at its Glorious Freshness, it is time to go to the Farmers Markets!
by Charlie Leck

Eating Fresh and Local and Community Supported Agriculture are two concepts that are sweeping the nation. They both make such sense. All of you who care should be tuned into the CSA movement and I hope you know where local farmers markets are held in your area.

Not only can you buy wonderful fresh foods at these markets, but you can also have a lot of great fun. In addition, you almost always bump into people you know and with whom you enjoy spending a few minutes chatting.

A neighbor, Sam Stern, and I visited a couple of markets in the Twin Cities area yesterday. We stopped by the Mill City Farmers Market and then went south to the Midtown Farmers Market where my wife, Anne, sets up a little booth to sell her Sheepy Hollow natural lamb cuts.

I wish you had been with us, but, since you couldn't be, I've arranged a little photo tour for you.

See the color!

See the people!

See the smiling faces!

See the pretty produce!

See the Persian treats and sweets!

See the flowers!

The Mill City Market is in the yard of the Guthrie Theater!

It's enough to take your breath away!

And, wow, what wonderful things to eat!

Sam buys a sweet treat for his sweet wife!

Sunshine and happiness everywhere!

Nice people everywhere!

And, even some hawkers using the big sell!

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  1. I'm big on the CSA!! In fact, most of Traverse City is! I love that about my home town. Thanks for writing about it.