Monday, August 24, 2009

The Democrats are Lining Up Against the Prez

More and more of us are coming out of the closet on health care reform and some are real headliners!
by Charlie Leck

Okay, folks, here they come. Democrats of every sort – the people who supported President Barack Obama – are coming out en mass to let the President know that his health care plan will be a failure if it doesn’t include a public option.

The latest big-time Democrat is Terry McAuliffe, former Chair of the National Democratic Committee. That puts the last two former Chairs of the Party in opposition to the recent actions of the President.

“If we don’t have the public option,” McAuliffee said, “we are wasting our time.”

Dozens and dozens of big time Democrats are going public and telling the Prez he is wrong on this issue – that he backed down when he shouldn’t have.

And now, a very recent poll by SurveyUSA indicates that a whopping 77 percent of Americans want a public option included in new health care legislation.

This more and more shows that the town-hall meetings organized by the Republicans are a sham and were intended to distort the truth about what Americans want.

The President of the United States simply misread the pulse of America! He misread it badly.

It appears that many of the major polling organizations are currently out on the street conducting polls among Americans. If the polls keep going this way then many Republicans are going to end up with egg on their faces. Keep your eyes on news reports about these new polls.

Make sure your opinion is heard.

Let your Senators and Congresspersons know about your position on this matter.

This comment is in this morning from Paul Krugman:
"But it’s hard to avoid the sense that a crucial opportunity is being missed, that we’re at what should be a turning point but are failing to make the turn."

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