Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It is a long, difficult race and the President is caving!
by Charlie Leck

Howard Dean is correct, you know. Without a public option in the health care reform legislation it is NOT really health care reform.

"Let's not say we're doing health reform without a public option," Dean said a couple of days ago.

Wisconsin's brilliant U.S. Senator, Russ Feingold, said it perfectly for me: "I am not interested in passing health care reform in name only... Without a public option, I don’t see how we will bring real change to a system that has made good health care a privilege for those who can afford it."

If there isn’t a public option, bag it all! Forget it! I’m off the bandwagon completely.

I bought into the Obama campaign believing he wanted UNIVERSAL health care. I settled for the compromise idea of a public option in competition with the private health insurance carriers. I ain’t settling for the idea of some silly, non-profit health care providers as an alternative to a public option.

Forget it, Mr. President, because it is NOT what you promised us and, without that promise being kept whole, sir, I am off the Obama team.

For me, YES WE CAN, becomes NOPE, HE WON’T.

The wild eyed, wonderful dream ends in this dark alley where the Republicans have beaten the pulp out of you and you are sucking for wind.

That’s the end of the massive dream, sir! That’s the end of the AUDACITY OF HOPE.

You gave in to the power of the corporate dollar and I’m not interested in you anymore. Good luck in the next election, sir. As for me, sir, I’m bored with people who abandon their election promises.

You want to know something, sir? I don’t think Hillary would have caved so easily. I think I made a very unfortunate mistake.

You seemed so wonderful, but, alas, it was just a fairy tale. The audacity of it all!

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