Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here’s what you should be reading this morning!

The Right Wing, which includes many Republican politicians, is really trying to put the big scare on ordinary Americans! There’s a lot of dirt and a lot of lies in their talk!
by Charlie Leck

Right here is what you should be reading this morning. And, after you read it, you should be figuring out some way to help your frightened friends and neighbors understand that most of what they’re being fed about health care reform is total bunk. Total!

This is a story by John Santore from Media Matters, one of the most unbiased and trust worthy non-profits in the world. I count on Media Matters to keep me straight on who is and who is not feeding me “crappy news reporting.” If you’re a news junkie, as I am, and you don’t regularly follow Media Matters, you are missing the boat.

Santore lays it on line in this particular story.

What is the goal of the current attack by the right wing?

“…the complete delegitimization of Obama and the wholesale destruction of the progressive movement he leads.”
In the last couple of weeks, Glen Beck, the popular radio talk show host, stated clearly the “Obama hates white people...” Watch the video!

If this isn’t a dishonest and contemptible attempt to frighten all the plain joe people in America, someone please explain to me just what it is.

This is only a teaser. I urge you to go ahead and read the entire Santore article. Just see what these hate mongers are doing to our beautiful country.

A top five web site
And friends, be sure to bookmark Media Matters for America and go to it very frequently. If I was asked to list the 5 most important web pages on the Internet, Media Matters would be on that list -- if not on the top of it!

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