Friday, August 7, 2009


Rush Limbaugh should be utterly ashamed of himself! Utterly!
by Charlie Leck

Rush Limbaugh has gone round the bend. “Despicable drivel,” one commentator called it tonight on national TV. Even Pat Bradley laughed at Limbaugh and really had a hard time catching his breath in an attempt to say anything rational.

Today, Limbaugh compared the political party of Barack Obama to the Nazi regime of the late 1930s and early 1940s.

When I heard about this, I only wanted to throw-up. Forgive me for being so profane, but that is exactly what I felt.

How can people, and some of them are close family members of mine, keep listening to Rush Limbaugh? With these latest statements he has totally declared himself to be irrelevant! Put it all in upper case, if you will – IRRELEVANT!

Granted, this is a free country and freedom of speech is one of its pillars; however, there should be a limitation placed on stupidity and a radio station should have to post a warning that alerts people to the fact that they are about to listen to a stupid person.

I believe the world is catching on in the case of Rush Limbaugh. Some of his most loyal listeners have fallen away from him in disbelief. To attract new listeners, in an attempt to keep his ratings up, Limbaugh has had to descend to the bottom of the barrel where he picks up the most vile and rotten of crud.

Again, here’s what one needs to understand about Limbaugh: He is irrelevant!

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