Thursday, September 10, 2009


Do you know what a “public option” really is?
by Charlie Leck

President Obama’s speech to Congress last night was brilliant – brilliant and “pretty” tough. It stopped short of guarantying that he would not accept any health care reform legislation that comes to his desk without a public option.

Just what is a public option? Robert Reich explains it very well in this video, which you certainly ought to watch. He also explains what you must do if you think a public option should be included in health care reform legislation – and he tells us we only have a few weeks to do it! Please watch.

Here’s one of the best demonstrations of grass roots democracy at work in America that you will ever see. Without people of every kind getting involved and demanding their representatives in Congress support the public option, it is not going to happen and then what we get will NOT be reform. I ain’t just a’ kiddin’ folks.

Make sure your friends see this video!

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