Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The Minnesota Congresswoman claims her political enemies are just trying to sabotage her chances to become President!
by Charlie Leck

Recently, on a nationally broadcast radio show, Michele Bachman, Congresswoman from Minnesota’s 3rd District and our leading nut-case in the state, announced that she ranks among the leading incumbent House members who have been targeted by Speaker Nancy Pelosi for defeat in 2010. Why? Bachman explained carefully that it’s because she has a good chance of running for President in the near future.

Representative Mrs. Bachman is letting the world know that there will be certain “destruction of our great country if we continue to go down the Obama path.”

Further, the Democrats are frightened, she explains, that the Republicans will elect a woman President before the Democrats will – and that she and that Palin woman from Alaska are remarkable possibilities for assuming that high office.

I probably wear out my readers (especially those of you who don’t live in Minnesota) with my rants about Representative Michele Bachman. She is one of the looniest, nuttiest simpletons who ever sat in the House of Representatives. It is an embarrassment to have someone like she representing our extraordinary state. I keep giving my friends in the 6th Congressional District hell for allowing her election to happen.

If you want to read more about Bachman’s most recent proclamations about her greatness, you should go to Media Matters (one of my most frequently visited web sites) and read about Bachman’s crazy statements or listen to an audio of them.

What frightens me is that my readers from places other than Minnesota will begin to get the wrong impression about our state. When they wonder how any state could send such a ding-bat (as Archie Bunker may have described her) to the U.S. House of Representatives. I simply have no answer for that query. It’s a strange district, the 6th, and Minnesota, like many other states, has some real red-necks hiding out in some of our rural communities.

Bachman is a ‘Jesus saves’ type personality and she’s been thoroughly “saved” while the rest of us dangle over the fires of Hades. Jesus has shown her the right way and it’s been hidden from the rest of us. In Bachman’s mind there is good and bad, right and wrong, truth and falsehood, and saved and condemned – and there are no hues or shades in between these black and whites.

My challenge to my friends in the 6th District is to make sure this woman gets soundly defeated in the next election. Do it fairly! Do it honestly. Do it with great honor! Just make sure you don’t send her back to the House where she can continue to embarrass the hell out of us with her utter stupidity.

My God, I had this incredible nightmare a few days ago that featured Michele Bachman taking the oath of office for the Presidency. Hundreds of thousands of people were fleeing the nation and looking for refugee status in Europe, Asia and South America. In the dream, I, personally, had chosen to move with my children to Toronto in order to evade the wrath that this woman would bring to the office.

I awoke in a frantic state and my wife had to shake me and console me back to reality. I was covered with perspiration and my heart was pounding. I heard the coyotes howling out in the rolling fields of our farm. I could swear they were saying “Michellllllllllllllllle, Michellllllllllllllllle!”

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