Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The media (plural) love it when someone makes the news easy for them and they can just go on and on and on – in spite of the facts!
by Charlie Leck

The media still play the Health Care legislation story as if the entire Congress is against the President. They took the wild-assed, trumped-up and over-staged town hall meetings as a real national indication of where people are on this legislation. In fact, 76 percent of the people in the country support such legislation and the largest percentage of those wants it to be a universal type, one-provider plan.

Still, the media don’t get it. The more flamboyant stories come from those who scream and holler and make asses of themselves.

What we're fighting here is a massive and organized health care industry that doesn't want reform because it is making enormous profits the way it is. Health care in America is more expensive than anywhere else in the world -- by far! The industry is determined to defeat any attempts at reform.

Who runs the nation? Corporate power brokers or the people? That is a mighty essential question here.

Somehow, the President must make Congressional members understand that the country (the united people) is behind them.

It would be helpful to the President if all those who voted for him because they want health care coverage that leaves no one out would now take the time to make sure their Senators and Representatives understand you support the President in this matter.

If you don’t do that, you won’t be doing your part in this change we all sang and clapped about a year ago or so.

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