Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Values Inherent in our Constitution

The right to pursue life, liberty, happiness and health is tenuous!
by Charlie Leck

If we don’t protect our core values, find them precious and vital to civilization, they can easily slip away; for our values are a fragile treasure.

Here’s a blog posting, called The Fragile Treasure, that’s really well worth reading. It raises some serious questions about where America is at and what it is all about. Here are just a few takes from it.
“...when a society argues about when it is acceptable to torture someone, that culture has already moved to a place where it is corrupted.”

“The debate in the United States has shifted from whether it is ever right to torture someone, but whether this ‘works’.”

“But it is especially disappointing that the defense of torture is being articulated so forcefully in the United States, where it is a founding principle that moral instincts and impulses should be revered.”
David Williamson writes the blog, Van Peebles Land. It is one of my favorites.

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