Monday, November 23, 2009

Hitch Your Wagon to a Star

This is a fake, by the way, 'cause Sarah never appeared on a
Vogue cover. This phony photo made the rounds early in 2008.
And, oh yes, by the way, Vogue rhymes with Rogue.

Hollywood… er, I mean Washington seems ready to hitch its future to Sarah Palin!
by Charlie Leck

Did any of you know the first thing in the world about Sarah Palin before 2008? Come on, answer honestly now! I sure didn’t!

And now, there she is, tempting the Republican Party to latch on to her for a superstar ride to the top of the political galaxy! Wow!

I can’t imagine that the Republican Party will go for it, but who knows? You can bet they’re going to watch her carefully to see just how fully she catches on. Her book promotion trip is more like a rock star tour, attracting thousands of adoring fans. I can only hope that most of them will eventually read her book and see just what kind of loony character she is.

I think she proved her lack of substance when she chose the book sales circuit over fulfilling her term as Governor of her state. Is a run for the Presidency still a possibility for her? I just can’t imagine it!

There are an awful lot of people gushing over her right now, but I can believe that these folks have really examined her intellectual capacity or abilities to organize and lead a complicated election campaign – no less serve as President.

In another 15 or 16 months we’ll see the real potential candidates for the top job start to emerge. Will Palin be one of them? Someone book mark this blog so you can throw it back in my face, because I’m saying there is no way Sarah Palin becomes a serious candidate for endorsement by the Republican Party. That party has it weaknesses, but utter stupidity is not one of them.

Ross Douthat concludes a recent opinion column in the NY Times with this remarkably insightful comment about just this subject:
"This means that there are substantial political rewards awaiting the politician who becomes the voice of an intellectually vigorous conservatism. It probably won’t be Mike Huckabee or Sarah Palin. If Republicans are lucky, though, it will be somebody who shares their charisma — but who prefers the responsibilities of leadership to the pleasures of celebrity."
The title of Palin's book, by the way, is ROGUE, a term that was applied to her during the last Presidential campaign. Merriam-Webster's definition: "A deceitful and unreliable scoundrel!"

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  1. We have an interesting comparison on our hands right here in Minnesota, media related that is: Governor Palin steps down from her position as Governor to spend time testing the waters for a possible Presidential bid and gets taken to task for it - Governor Pawlenty stays in office and spends time testing the water for a possible Presidential bid and gets taken to task for it......

    Looks like a “can't win....” situation to me……….. But that is just me.