Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So, Bloomberg barely wins in New York City

New York City election held some surprises and our candidates win big in Independence!
by Charlie Leck

The elections around the country are a mixed bag. Moderate Republicans did well while extremely conservative candidates did not. There are little-bitty signs that moderation and reason may be returning to American politics and true conservatism to the Republican Party.

It was a surprisingly close race in New York City, where Mayor Bloomberg had been expected to win easily. Instead, he just squeaked by. He won only 51 percent of the vote even though he out spent a very underfinanced challenge by William C. Thompson, Jr.

There was a tumultuous landslide here in our little town, where 41 percent of the register voters turned out and gave the two candidates we supported remarkable victories. They did not take note of it in New York City (and posted no story about it in the New York Times); yet it's very big news out here in Lake Wobegon country.

Brad Spencer 696*
Lynn Betts 632*
Lance Gyllenblad 359
Chris Stephan 303
*wins 4 year term as City Councilperson
My wife tells me there was a happy celebration at one of our local watering holes (oh, yes… our only local watering hole), but I happily slept through it all.