Thursday, November 26, 2009


This is such a wonderful day for special, clear thinking!
by Charllie Leck

This has always been the most wonderful day of the year for me. I adore Thanksgiving Day. Almost all of my closest friends and also my family count it as the best holiday of the year.
I hope y'all have a very nice, comfortable and peaceful day today and I hope that you are surrounded by happiness and love.

In 1918, in the small mining town of Bovey, Minnesota, Charles Wilden paid a visit on Eric Enstrom's photographic studio. He certainly did not stop to have his photograph taken. Wilden was a peddler, selling foot-scrapers; however, Enstrom saw something special in the man and implored him to pose for a photograph.

Today, the Enstrom family continues to sell the famous image. One can visit their home on the world-wide web by going to the following site:

The original of the photograph hangs today in the office of the Minnesota Secretary of State.

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