Saturday, November 28, 2009

Keeping Grandpa Busy

This is grandaughter, Caroline, who, except when she bathes, never
removes her beloved stocking cap and no one tries to force her to.

Sometimes the blog comes in in second place! Like now, for instance!
by Charlie Leck

The grandkids are here – two of them anyway – the Chicago contingent – and grandpa has been kept very busy trying to juggle the demands of two vibrant, energetic little girls and his dog and wife. We’re handling it all, however, and we’ll be back on the air on Sunday morning with some more comments about my town and an extraordinary Thanksgiving experience I had here.

Grandpa's traditional job on Thanksgiving is to prepare a
giant platter of wonderful fresh lox. Voila!

Lovely Lisa, Anne's delightful daugher, prepared the spectacular green
salad for our Thanksgiving feast.

Grandaughter Anna relaxed and had a good time watching
everyone work to prepare dinner.

Mark's beloved, Kelly, brought the Thanksgiving pies
and her wonderous smile.

A volunteer from my town helps to serve up a spectacular
free feast for people who come together to share in a
special event.

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