Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama in China

It is in his visit to Asia that you will see why Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize!
by Charlie Leck

Our President, Barack Obama, is going to show you why the Nobel Committee decided to award this year’s Peace Prize to him. This is where he sparkles.

Our nation has been in a serious international slump for the last decade. Not very much of the world has held any significant degree of respect for us and our world policies. The Nobel Committee clearly saw that Barack Obama had changed that nearly overnight. Our President has won the attention and respect of nearly every nation in the world and they are looking to us once again with a degree of hopefulness – that we will lead both compassionately and wisely.

Watch our number one guy in Asia – especially in China – and see what you think of how he does.

If you’ve got any kind of age on you, what you must remember is how the world has changed in this 21st century. This, believe me, is not your father’s Oldsmobile. New world leaders are emerging and new economic and technological experts are coming from nations that were barely visible a decade ago. China, of course, is one of those nations. We need China to be a friend and not an adversary. We need China to help in solving world problems. There are good signs in China and there are also some worrisome ones. We must be able to talk and negotiate with China in good faith, as a trusted ally, and I think Barack Obama will create that atmosphere.

Watch him! I strongly recommend you get to the really good newspapers (NY Times) to follow Obama’s Asia travels very carefully.

P.S. The current political leader of China, carrying the titles of both General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and President of the People’s Republic of China is Hu Jintao. (Remember, Hu is his family name and Jintao is his distinctive name.) He has been in office since 2003 and appears to be very popular with the Chinese population. A large percentage of the Chinese people have begun to prosper under his leadership; however, this is a massive nation with a huge populace and there are still wide-spread pockets of unimaginable poverty. China’s educated population is among the most highly skilled and well trained people in the world. Just since Hu’s rise to power, China has developed an incredibly strong presence in Africa and Latin America and may have a stronger center of influence there than that of the United States. Though Hu will turn 67 in December he appears much younger and seems to be in strong, good health.

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