Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let’s Just Say I Scooped Them

The Twin Cities StarTribune broke a story yesterday about Tom Emmer, but I gave it to you weeks ago!
by Charlie Leck

The local paper broke a story today about Tom Emmer’s questionable legal and financial dealings out here in his hometown. The most significant part of the story is about Emmer’s unwillingness to pay a bill he owes based on his claim that it was something ordered by his wife and not him. I made a big deal about this matter weeks ago in a blog, Palin Dabbles in Minnesota Politics. I think that means I scooped our local paper by weeks – by weeks, mind you.

If it sounds like I’m boasting, I am.

If voters can't see through the thin veil that Tom Emmer casts over this money owed, they are really being naive.

Mr. Emmer, it's a guy who rises every day and goes out the door trying to make a buck, supporting his family and paying his own bills. Pay the guy, Mr. Emmer. Pay the guy! You're a dead-beat, Mr. Emmer, and you should be ashamed.


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