Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Proud Grandpappy

Our three granddaughters: Anna Rose, Caroline Jean and Daphne Rose

What can I say? Wouldn't you like to see some photos of my grandkids?
by Charlie Leck

How I remember those times, over the years, when a proud grandparent cornered me when we were at lunch or dinner together, or even at the handball court, or while sitting at a ballgame, and hauled out a pile of photos of his grandkids. What did I really care?

Now, these days, I have a more sympathetic attitude toward proud grandparents. So I'm hauling out this pile of photos, of my four grandkids, recently taken out in Oregon. You won't be bored, will you? How much easier for you here than if I had you cornered at the grocery store (you can just click and begone with me).

Rowan Gordon on the seacoast, beginning a masterpiece!

Rowan watches Anna interfere with his masterpiece!

"Oh well," Rowan says, "I'll try again on another day!"

Caroline and Anna are about to turn Rowan into a masterpiece!

Caroline has an absolutely winning smile and she uses it well!

An angel is process!

Three girls on the beach, looking for fun!

"To the water!"

Celebrating Rowan's birthday!

On the chilly Pacific coastline in Oregon!

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