Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sometimes a Smile

The girls at Two Pony Gardens can put a smile in your life without even trying!
by Charlie Leck

I hate rushing the days and weeks away! At my age, we want to see time slow down and not speed up. Yet, here I am longing for tomato season, still a few weeks or more off here in Minnesota. Luscious Minnesota tomatoes. I’m starting to see them in my sleep.

I long for the day, probably at the end of July or early in August, when I can drive down that long, long, rutted, narrow roadway that leads into Two Pony Gardens where I can buy the most extraordinary tomatoes I’ve ever tasted – tomatoes of all colors and sizes, with zany, heirloom names.

If the girls are there, when I arrive at Two Pony, all the better; because their smiles are worth as much as their tomatoes. Those two precious things have the biggest, loveliest juiciest smiles a guy could ever see and they brighten my day and make me feel as if I were a young man again.

I’m going to one of their Harvest Dinners on the 10th of July. The girls work like crazy to make these great successes and they generally are (if the weather cooperates).

Two Pony Gardens, for my money, is one of the most wonderful places around and it shouldn’t be missed. If you can’t make it to one of their spectacular dinners, you must be sure to visit their flower gardens and tomato patches.

They’re located just down at the end of that long, long driveway that leads through the thick forest of Minnesota hardwood trees. Drive slowly because it's only one narrow lane.

Or, you can visit them on-line!


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