Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sheepy Hollow Gets Nice Mention Again

Trout & Caviar is a faithful promoter of lamb from Sheepy Hollow and we follow that blog religiously!
by Charlie Leck

I carefully follow the blogs of Brett Laidlaw at Trout-Caviar and never miss a single one. I've learned a lot from Brett and picked up some wonderful ideas and recipes from his blogs. I'm very excited that we may see a book from him within the next year. Yippee!

Today's blog at Trout-Caviar is about the wonder of cooking fresh, seasonal food outside. I was enjoying my time at the blog this morning when, very unexpectedly, I came upon some high praise (again) for the lamb that comes from Sheepy Hollow. Of course, that's my dear wife's operation and praise is always greatly appreciated by her after all the hard work she puts in on her farm to produce this product.

Our thanks again to Brett for his wonderful comments.


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