Monday, June 28, 2010

Zany Politics

Indeed, politics of the last decade have been absolutely nuts and that's what Myles Spicer writes about in MinnPost!
by Charlie Leck

Myles Spicer's column in today's edition of MinnPost, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World in Today's Politics," is definitely worth a read [click here to go to it].

How about some of the wild ideas advanced by politicians of late: (1) Paul Rand's proposal to abolish the Civil Rights Act; (2) Sharon Angle, running against Harry Reid out in Nevada, wants to abolish the U.N., the Department of Education and Medicare -- and she wants to privatize Social Security; and (3) Michele Bachmann, of Minnesota, wants us all to apologize to BP for offending it by blaming it for this recent oil spill, which she feels is really President Obama's fault.

That's only a few of the recent proposals. The Governor of Texas wants to secede from the Union and the Governor of Louisiana first said he wanted the federal government to state out of state affairs and then got upset because the federal government wasn't getting involved enough in the oil spill.

Spicer says it all better than I and I urge you to read his piece. He offers full apologies, of course, to anyone he offends, as do I.

For, I am thinking we should do away with all federal environmental laws; and only states should be allowed to declare war on foreign nations; and anyone elected to the Presidency must be at least 75 years old, male and of purely Arian lineage; and everyone, in every home, should be provided weaponry of a substantial nature to protect themselves from neighbors and the federal government; and all federal taxes should be eliminated except on those making less than $20,000 per year (to encourage people to work harder); and the law against alcohol consumption should be reinstated; and all banks and investment institutions should be completely deregulated; and free speech should be limited to white, Anglo-Saxon protestants (small or capital "P"); and non-heterosexuals should be immediately imprisoned; and whatever else the Tea Party wants should be immediately passed into law (and no constitutional challenges are allowed).

It's a crazy, crazy political time in a wild and whacky nation. Hold on and get ready for the wildest ride you've ever had!


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