Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Emmer Sucks

Thinking that Tom Emmer could one day be our governor is frightening.
by Charlie Leck

This is another of those blogs that my national readers will likely not find interesting. I apologize, but we are dealing at this moment, here in Minnesota, with an extremely important political campaign for governor. A strange fellow, named Tom Emmer, about whom I have written here a number of time, wants to be our state’s governor and has been endorsed by the confused and almost indescribable and indefinable Republican Party of Minnesota. Emmer has also been endorsed by the crazy bitch from Alaska, Sara Palin.

I attended a political gathering last night at a very pleasant residence in Minneapolis that looked out over the lovely Kenwood Park. About fifty people gathered to talk about their struggle with their voting decisions for this year’s gubernatorial race. Everyone I talked to just wants Tom Emmer stopped and turned away in his election bid. The remaining choice then, for folks who feel this way, is between the Democrat, Mark Dayton, and the Independent, Tom Horner. I’d say the room was filled with Democrats; yet everyone wondered if Mr. Dayton isn’t too far out, too anti-business and too unknown for our tastes. A dominant question also centered around whether or not he could win!

I was mellowed by the meeting and I feel more comfortable about voting for Dayton; however, the concern remains with me, and with almost everyone at that meeting, about stopping Emmer. The unexpressed question on the tips of all tongues last night had to do with wasting our vote. Which of the two options to Emmer can win the race? That is the decision that is yet to be made. There will be a lot of poll watchers this year, anxious to see what effect their votes will have on keeping the wacky guy on the radical right out of office.

I read a wonderful blog this morning on Bluestem Prairie that catches the essence of Tom Emmer and explains just how irresponsible and dangerous he is. If you’re from Minnesota, I urge you to read it; yet, even those of you around the nation might like a peek at what we’re up against here in our state.

Here’s how the blog opens. It gets pretty good as you continue to read it.

“Tom Emmer is fond of saying that that he'd run the state's finances the way he'd run those of his own household, that families in hard times:

‘are living within their means, they are spending less money overall, and they are focusing their spending on essentials. That is exactly the way state government must behave.’

“So has Tom Emmer behaved that way in his own family's finances? When I take a look at his papers, it doesn't look like it when it comes to financing his home.”

Read the rest of the story….


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