Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tom Emmer is a Bully!

A local blogger got it just right about Tom Emmer
by Charlie Leck

I’m a regular reader of a blog called Blog of the Moderate Left. Usually it’s pretty good stuff. Yesterday morning it was really good stuff. Blogger Jeff Fecke got it just right (correctly) – spot on – when he described Tom Emmer as a bully. Emmer is a Republican candidate for Governor here in Minnesota.

Of course, it shouldn’t be surprising that Emmer holds others to standards he himself refuses to live up to. He’s a bully. He wants to push others around. There’s nothing consistent about his ethics; he just wants to force others to dance to his tune, to punish others for made-up infractions. This is who Emmer is. And it’s why he’d be a disastrous governor.

I posted a comment in response to the blog…

You’ve nailed Emmer. The operative word is “bully.” I’ve seen him in action both in the State Legislature and as a councilman here in our town some years ago. He doesn’t like people to question him or doubt him. He bullies around anyone who does. Though he’s being portrayed as a good citizen, he really isn’t. He’s left bills unpaid to people he promised to pay and who need to be paid. He has weird excuses, like: “That’s my wife’s debt!” I’d really like to get a look at his finances, so we can see where HE gets his money. Good posting. You got Emmer just right!

Fecke is a freelance writer from Lakeville, Minnesota. He covers politics for the Alexandria Independent. He’s not quite as “moderate” as the title of his blog implies, but he’s enjoyable to read.


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